Frequently Asked Questions

What is this about? is a social website designed to empower Atlantic Canadians to show their support, interest, inspiration and generosity in direct support of cancer research activities being conducted at the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute in Moncton, NB. In other words, its a place where people can unite and help solve cancer together.

Why should I care?

Cancer research saves lives. In fact, many cancers are curable today IF they are caught in the earliest stages. To save countless more lives, it’s important to improve existing screening and detection tools.

Finding solutions to these challenges is the focus of research conducted at ACRI. When you consider that cancer rates for Atlantic Canadians are among the highest in the country, it’s even more important to improve diagnosis, treatment and patient care methods in our region.

Who is ACRI?

ACRI is a world-class research institute located in Moncton, within the Dr. Georges-L-Dumont University Hospital Centre. At the institute, a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from around the globe are working with the latest technology platforms to improve cancer diagnosis and personalized treatment methods.

How can I become part of the solution?

Becoming a friend of ACRI is the first step you can take to show your support for cancer research in Atlantic Canada. Sharing a message on the Wall of Hope and making a charitable donation towards cancer research in Atlantic Canada is encouraged and much appreciated.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to become a friend, stay informed, leave a message or share this site with others. However, we do encourage everyone to make whatever charitable donation they can to the cause.

For each dollar you give, a remarkable 85% is spent directly on cancer research activities that will help save future lives… what better way to make a lasting impact with your giving?

Do I need to live in Atlantic Canada to use this site?

Cancer has no borders, and neither does this initiative to solve it. As such, although proceeds from this website support cancer research activities in Atlantic Canada, we welcome friends from anywhere.